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A Smarter Future: Exploring Big Data Opportunities for Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is poised to be the regional Big Data leader. The population has an ever-growing digital footprint, with its use of mobile phones, social media and other online platforms creating abundant, low cost data.  

The Forum will explore Big Data’s transformational potential and opportunities for shaping a ‘smart future’ for Trinidad and Tobago.

Thematic Areas

  1. Transformational role of Big Data in the future smart society

This explores a future smart society of Trinidad and Tobago and how transformation through digitalization, technology and Big Data can improve the well-being of citizens, the strength of the economy, and the effectiveness of institutions. The potential interconnectivity, Big Data and innovation to transform ideas and knowledge into modernized products and services will be examined.

  1. The Business Case for Big Data

This delves into Big Data’s potential to become one of the most valuable assets for businesses. It illustrates how Big Data can advantage businesses by driving competitive differentiation, and considers the private sector’s existing capabilities to exploit Big Data for value creation, process improvement and operational efficiency.

  1. Building Trust in Big Data

This examines the opportunities and challenges presented by Big Data. It considers Big Data can be properly mined and analyzed, and how analytics can better determine the extent of sustainable development. The ethical, legal (e.g., personal data and privacy), financial, methodological, technological (e.g., data interoperability) and practical (e.g., data anonymization and access) frameworks for trustworthy Big Data collection and use will be discussed.